July 2018

Economic history


April 2018

Yehezkel Dror
"For Rulers"
Catastrophist Politics


March 2018

Barry Moltz & Rieva Lesonskys
"Small Business Hacks"


February 2018

Interest rate suppression policy


January 2018

Thomas, Inheritors of Earth


August 2017

Economics Gods are Greek


January 2017

Scott Sumner,
 "Midas Paradox
," explaining "New Keynesian" view of monetary policy capabilities.


April 2016

Philip E. Tetlock & Dan Gardner
"Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction


January 2016

Attacks on Constraints on Federal Powers
with reviews of Breyer,  "Active Liberty," and "Making Our Constitution Work."


November 2015)

with a review of John Kay, "Other People's Money


(May 2015)

Holding the Interest Rate Tiger by the Tail
with a review of James Grant, "The Forgotten Depression: 1921: The Crash that Cured Itself."


(March 2015)

Islamic Immigration Into Europe,"
with a review of Christopher Caldwell, "Reflections on the Revolution in Europe."


(October 2014)

Thomas Piketty
 "Capital in Twenty First Century."
Egalitarian Agenda


(August 2014)

Peter H. Schuck
"Why Government Fails So Often and How It Can Do Better."


(February 2014)

Schumpeter on Socialism
with review of socialism related parts of Schumpeter, "Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy."


(March 2013)

The Financial Oligarchs
with a review of
Johnson & Kwak,
"13 Bankers."
(March 2013)


(February 2013)

Bruce R. Scott "Capitalism: Origins and Evolution as System of Governance," Part I, Concept of Capitalism.
Political Economy

Bruce R. Scott, "Capitalism: Origins and Evolution as System of Governance," Part II, Oligarchs and Stakeholders
 Issues of Political Economy

(October 2012)

The Gold Standard and the Great Depression
 with a review of Eichengreen,
"Golden Fetters."

(September 2012)

Bernanke's Failed Monetary Policy
with review of Taylor, "Getting off Track."
Taylor Monetary Policy Rule

May 2012)

Schumpeter on Creative Destruction
 with review of Schumpeter,
"Can Capitalism Survive."

(January 2012)

Industrial Policy Horror Story
with review of Morgenson & Rosner, "Reckless Endangerment."
Fannie Mae affordable housing policy

(August 2011)

Lies, Damn Lies and Projections,

(April 2011)

U.S.-China Power Relationship,
with reviews of Nye, "The Future of Power," and Walter and Howie, "Red Capitalism."


(February 2011)

China's Economic Prospects
with a review of McGregor,
"The Party."

January 2011)

Bernanke's Bubbles